The Resonance of Transparent Reflection

Carefully designed proportions that perfectly balance the reflections of light, portraying the pianist with the utmost beauty. Combining lucid transparency with mirror-like polished silver, allowing refracted light to project a rainbow of color.The contrasting properties of transparency and reflection blend effortlessly together within this stunning grand piano. A piano infused with the world’s finest craftsmanship and artistry, arousing imagination with the clarity of its tone.Challenging Kawai as the company looks ahead to its 100th year, the new Crystal Grand Piano is born.


Peerless sound interwoven with luxury

A flexible semi-order system allows pianists to design an original, one-off instrument with custom specifications to match their own unique requirements.


Meticulously designed, with perfectly balanced proportions and materials that accentuate the beauty of the pianist.


Transparent materials that produce a clear, resonant tone. Adopting the core specifications of the highly regarded Shigeru Kawai series of grand pianos, with transparent materials that deliver the clearest, most resonant tone.


A specialised instrument realised by the finest wood craftmen. Every aspect of the piano reflects the artistry, skill, and passion of the individuals responsible for its creation - from preparation to completion.

Crystal Grand

Limited to 5 Pieces
Custom Made in Japan
Length 200 cm / Width 153 cm
Height 102 cm / Weight 500 kg
Available on Request
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The ultimate spectacle, where light and sound intertwine

Milan Design Week 2018

@supurstudio Piu

Design Touch 2018

@Tokyo Midtown Roppongi