Company President

Mr Robert Chiu founded Robert Piano Co Pte Ltd in 1966.  His late father, Mr Chiu Seck Joo founded Keller Piano Co Pte Ltd in 1944.

Robert Chiu is the first local piano technician to be trained at the Knight Piano factory in UK under the direct supervision of the late Mr Alfred Knight himself.  Later he went to Steinway &Sons, London and was trained directly under the most senior & experienced piano technician, Mr Smith.  He then went to Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg to learn the finer points on piano regulating and voicing on the Steinway grand pianos

He also visited Kawai Piano factory in Japan and because to his experience and knowledge on pianos, the late Mr Shigeru Kawai, Chairman of Kawai Instruments Manufacturing Co, awarded Mr Chiu the certificate of meritorious achievement as an Honorary Master Piano Artisan.